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JHMMC’s Memorial Tournament is a yearly tradition in honor of our late anglers. JHMMC Captains and crew alike will be paying their respects over the deep blue to those who have passed. RIP


The following are the rules to be followed by all teams in the upcoming tournament:

· All participants in the tournament must be members or temporary members of the JHMMC
a. Membership fees must be paid latest by Friday, Jan 25, 2019 to any of the committee members
b. Temporary membership fee is USD50.00

· Announcing of catches:
All catches must be announced on the JHMMC club frequency at the time of the catch for all teams to be aware of the catches; if a fish is not declared at the time of the catch, it will be disqualified.

· Rules of catch & release for Marlins and Sailfish still apply this season:
a. Marlins below 100kg must be released and will be awarded 500 points, pictures and/or video as proof of catch & release are a must otherwise no points will be awarded.
b. If a Marlin below 100kg is caught and kept, the points calculated for the weight of the Marlin will be deducted from the team’s points.
c. To encourage release of Sailfish, any sail released will be given points of 25 Kg Sail. However, if a Sail is not released, there will be no penalty for that. Also it is advisable that sail remain in water and photographed for proof before release.

· Docking time:
a. The deadline for competing teams to be docked at the pier is 5:00 p.m. Any boat docking after 5:00 p.m. will be disqualified.

· Weighing of fish:
a. Only approved weigh masters of the JHMMC are allowed to weigh the fish
b. Only certified scales are accepted
c. Every fish weighed must be photographed hanging freely on the scale showing clearly the weight on the scale
d. Results must be recorded in the Fish Registration books that will be supplied to all weigh masters before the date of the competition.
e. Result Forms must be either scanned or photographed clearly and sent to the Secretary for entry and tabulating of results
f. full video evidence must be submitted for every fish caught as proof, showing the fish being fought and being put in the boat (at least the last few meters of the fight).

· Safety Measures:
All safety measure should be followed by all Teams participating in the tournament, especially having a reliable working radio for communicating with other boats, in case of any emergency.