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The Club was founded in the end 60’s by some Employees of the Monrovia Breweries Inc. in Monrovia. As time
went on, the Club developed and the number of members increased. The Club was named Monrovia Fishing Club.
After the active member Jim Holder had died, the members of the Club re-named the Club after the late Jim Holder.

The name now is JIM HOLDER MEMORIAL MARINE CLUB. The location has been the famous Anchor Club on the
banks of the St. Paul River. The owner of the Anchor Club was Mr. Walter Blaser. a Swiss National, working for the
Monrovia Breweries. Walter as he was called, offered his Anchor Club to the Fishing Club as the base.

The Club was using the facilities until Walter Blaser left this world. Now the Club had no place for a short time, but the Takatsch Family, all are members of the Club, invested in a new Restaurant called Marlin Corner, and offered this  facilities to the Club as the base. Marlin Corner is the meeting point of all Fisherman and Women. Tournament registration will take place at the Marlin Corner and most of the events.

In the memory of our later

Jim Holder


Dominic Asmar
Dominic AsmarPresident
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Helen Eid
Helen EidVice President
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Charbel Semaan
Charbel SemaanTreasurer
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Faris Eid
Faris EidSecretary
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Christina Halabi
Christina HalabiMedia Specialist
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Our Weighmasters

Samer Eid
Samer EidBeerville
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Rana EidBeerville
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Olga Daher
Olga DaherExtreme Fishing
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Jan SuckExtreme Fishing
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Haitham EidBarracuda
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Bendu Asmar
Bendu AsmarBarracuda
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